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Our Services

Financial Planning Strategies Means Financial Independence

The highly qualified associates at Weinberg Financial Group, located in the Buffalo and Boston area, will help coordinate all aspects of your financial life. Together, we will develop strategies to help you better manage your money and provide security for your future.

Retirement Planning Strategies

A well thought out retirement plan means retiring to financial independence. Through 401k plans, pensions, profit-sharing programs, TSA (403b), and IRA's we will develop the financial strategy you need to enjoy retirement at its best.

Investment & Portfolio Planning Strategies

Investment strategies must be made with an understanding of how your income, assets, tax status and long-term goals correspond to the benefits of investing. We can design a portfolio of stocks, bonds, annuities, mutual funds and CDs to maximize your returns and respond to your financial needs while considering your risk and time horizons. Many of our clients elect to invest with an ESG lens, where we take environmental, social and governance factors into consideration while building a portfolio.

Tax Planning Strategies

Help minimize, or postpone your tax liability. It is a crucial step in designing an investment portfolio. As laws change we will keep you informed of new opportunities and how to make the most of them. Your taxes are the glue that binds most of your long term financial strategies. Working with your accountant we will assist in maximizing those opportunities that add value.

Estate and Elder Planning Strategies

Estate planning is the process of planning assets, bequests, and estate disposition to provide for your family's needs, assure liquidity, minimize confusion, and avoid unnecessary taxes or loss of property. In cooperation with your attorney we will assist in the coordination of both the asset disposition thru life and upon death and consider the long term care needs and costs as it relates to your estate planning.

Insurance Planning Strategies

Insurance protects you and your family from major financial losses due to death or disability, large medical or nursing home expenses, and loss or destruction of property. As independent insurance agents licensed in many states, our professionals can provide a cost effective solution that provides the needed protection for you and your family.

Divorce Financial Planning

Proper divorce planning will help evaluate the tax implication of dividing property and the financial impact of various settlement options for dividing marital property and child and spousal support payments.


Accurate reporting and monitoring of finances are important for short-term goals and essential to achieve your long-term financial objectives. We can help you organize your finances and solve cash flow problems.

Corporate Benefit Services

Whether you are a small or large employer, we can assist you in the design, installation, and monitoring of your health, 125 Flex Plan, 401(K), or any other group benefits.